Marissa Louise Cheeseman

Marissa had apparently just run out of ideas about how to make a big splash in this world, so she made up a false rape charge and kept twenty-five police workers busy spending tax-payer money chasing around her fantasy tale. (See the link to the story below.)

“Twenty-five officers from various departments, including some called in from their rest days due to demand at the time, and officers from Cleveland Major Incident Team, worked on the inquiry.” (John Blow.)

Lamadzia Hill

This woman thought that the best way out of legal trouble is to accuse the people arresting you of groping. (See the link to the story below.)

The allegations against the Franklin officer came after Lamadzia Hill, 18, was arrested in December 2017 on four different charges — ranging from assault to drug possession. (Emily West.)

Rebecca Palmer

Rebecca pretty much felt that if she couldn’t have him, nobody could. So after he rejected her, she decided to try to ruin his life through a false accusation of rape claim. She started out by sending really creepy letters to the guy’s family, then decided to raise the stakes a bit by bringing her false story to the police. I guess men need to be really careful before saying no to a woman. (See the link to the story below.)

“Rebecca Palmer indulged in consensual sexual activity with the victim but on being rejected by him, embarked on a malicious campaign which led to him being arrested on more than one occasion and held in custody for periods of time.” (Joanne Jakymec, Chief Prosecutor.)

Saskia Hargrave

If a fellow doesn’t pay a woman enough attention, apparently Saskia Hargrave believes it’s okay to accuse him of rape as payback for not being attentive enough. The man she accused had epileptic seizures brought on by the stress she caused by her lies. In court, she only stared at the ground while her attorney said that at the time she attempted to destroy an innocent man’s life, she was, “in a very bad place.” (See the link to the story below.)

“Hargrave’s behavior and subsequent actions were completely unacceptable. She wasted valuable police time constructing a web of lies to try and destroy an innocent man’s life.” (Sergeant Chris Sanderson, Lancashire Police.)

Briyana Andrea Valls

Since this woman couldn’t pin anything real on an innocent guy, apparently she thought the next best thing for her to do was to make up a false story and then use that story as a the basis for an extortion scheme. (See the link to the story below.)

“Once in custody, Valls confessed she had been lying about the photo of herself at the bar with the man and admitted she concocted the scheme to help offset her brother’s medical expenses.” (Joshua Rhett Miller.)

Biurny Peguero

When Biurny Peguero drank too much and got involved with drunken brawling, the whole thing was confusing. She woke up the next day and couldn’t figure out what the heck happened, so it occurred to her that the best course of action in case of confusion was to send an innocent man to prison for years, and that’s what she did. (See the link to the story below.)

“What happened in this case is one of the worst things that can happen in our criminal justice system.” (Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Charles Solomon.)

Jessica Gallagher

When a man is so rude as to refuse a woman a ride home, there’s really no choice but to accuse him of rape and attempt to destroy him completely, or at least that was the theory Jessica Gallagher had before the cops busted her for filing a false report. (See the link to the story below.)

“Deputies say 27-year-old Jessica Gallagher, of Clyde, told them she was picked up by a man she met on a dating app, blindfolded, and raped.” (Victoria Freile.)