Carolyn Bryant Donham

When a gal is in her eighties and the statute of limitations has expired, it’s a good time to try to clear your conscience. So Carolyn Bryant Donham decided to let everyone know that, of course, she falsely accused a man, a false accusation that got him killed.

“For us, Carolyn Bryant — her name at the time — will remain merely a footnote in history, yet a modern testament to the racist and iniquitous legal system that has long refused to give African-American men fair judgment.” (Dahleen Glanton.)


Crystal Mangum

Crystal Magnum hadn’t had enough of falsely accusing men of crimes after she falsely accused three men of kidnapping her in high school, so she tried to ruin the lives of college men by falsely accusing them of rape. Having not been horrible enough to men after all of that, she went ahead and killed one. (See the link to the story below.)

“This entire experience has opened my eyes to a tragic world of injustice I never knew existed. If police officers and a district attorney can systematically railroad us with absolutely no evidence whatsoever, I can’t imagine what they’d do to people who do not have the resources to defend themselves.” (Reade Seligmann.)

Breana Rachelle Harmon

Breana apparently thought that when life is going badly, relationships aren’t working out and you don’t want relatives thinking badly of you, the best think to do is fabricate a kidnapping story as a way of getting your groove back. (See the link to the story below.)

“In March, Denison police arrested Harmon after she allegedly admitted to fabricating a story regarding her kidnapping and rape by three black men.” (.)

Vanessa Garcia

After Vanessa Garcia ran out of men to fabricate reports against, she decided to go ahead and fabricate stories against women too. (See the link to the story below.)

“Garcia made 25 false reports to the Brighton Police Department from October 2016 to April 2017 involving multiple men and Loya.” (Rob Low.)

Kimberly Carter

This woman fell down, hit her head and woke up later unsure of what happened, till she decided that a celebrity molested her. As it turned out, she later admitted, she was hallucinating. (See the link to the story below.)

“Carter’s craziness may have cost me thousands of dollars and jeopardized my career, my reputation, and my freedom.” (Tucker Carlson.)

Sherita Dixon-Cole

It’s stressful for a woman to be pulled over on suspicioun of driving while intoxicated. Sherita thought the best way to deal with that stress would be to fabricate a sexual assault charge against an innocent police officer. Sadly for her, the state trooper had his bodycam on and her entire story was debunked. (See the link to the story below.)

“This office shares the outrage felt by the general public for the blatantly false and malicious allegations made by Sherita Dixon-Cole.” (Ellis County District Attorney Patrick Wilson.)