Kimberly Carter

This woman fell down, hit her head and woke up later unsure of what happened, till she decided that a celebrity molested her. As it turned out, she later admitted, she was hallucinating. (See the link to the story below.)

“Carter’s craziness may have cost me thousands of dollars and jeopardized my career, my reputation, and my freedom.” (Tucker Carlson.)

Sherita Dixon-Cole

It’s stressful for a woman to be pulled over on suspicioun of driving while intoxicated. Sherita thought the best way to deal with that stress would be to fabricate a sexual assault charge against an innocent police officer. Sadly for her, the state trooper had his bodycam on and her entire story was debunked. (See the link to the story below.)

“This office shares the outrage felt by the general public for the blatantly false and malicious allegations made by Sherita Dixon-Cole.” (Ellis County District Attorney Patrick Wilson.)

Elissa Ennis

Elissa didn’t like the idea of being broken up with, so she fabricated a domestic abuse case against San Francisco 49ers linebacker Reuben Foster in order to get even with him. (See the link to the story below.)

“It’s only right that the charges against Foster were dropped. But the damage Ennis did goes a lot further, and it will be a long time – if ever – before that can be undone.” (Marcio Jose Sanchez.)

Hannah Sandover

Hannah did not like being rejected by her guy. In fact, she objected so much that she had him arrested on a fake rape charge. (See the link to the story below.)

“Her ex-boyfriend has said his confidence in approaching girls has been completely ruined. He was kept in custody for five-and-a-half hours and underwent intimate tests. And all because she wanted to get back at him.” (Prosecutor Ryan Seneviratine.)

Wanetta Gibson

After fleecing a school district of  $750,000 and having Falcons linebacker Brian Banks falsely imprisoned for years by falsely accusing him of rape, Wanette Gibson has been order to pay 2.6 million dollars in damages. (See the link to the story below.)

“He spent five years in prison and spent five years on parole where he was mandated to register as a sex offender before being exonerated of all charges in 2012.” (ESPN.)

Sunmee Kim

Sunmee Kim decided the easiest way to rob a man’s home was to make sure he wasn’t in it. She began reporting to police that men had abused her and then, after they were arrested, she robbed the men’s homes. By the time the men managed to get out of jail, the woman had already made off with their stuff. (See the link to the story below.)

“In 2009, she reportedly faked her own kidnapping in Los Angeles in an attempt to shake down the man with whom she was living for the fake ransom money.” (Matthew Martinez.)

Jemma Beale

Jemma Beale was sentenced to ten years in jail for fabricating accusations against at least nine men since 2013. The police began questioning Jemma Beale’s stories after one of Jemma’s former friends told police that a man falsely accused by Beale was already wrongly imprisoned. (See the link to the story below.)

“This trial has revealed, what was then not obvious, that you are a very, very convincing liar.” (Judge Nicholas Loraine-Smith.)